Meishan Aluminum Development Zone Managerment Committee

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Meishan Aluminum Development Zone was established in 2002.Its total planned area is 8 square km, and the present planned area is 5.2 square km, and far layout is 2.8 square km.
Qimingxing Aluminum Company is the core industry of Meishan Aluminum Development Zone, is invested and built by Sichuan Elecreicity Company and Meishan government. It is the electronical aluminum manufacture that with the domestic biggest scale and international advanced production craft and equipment. It covered 1 squ...

          • Company Name:
          • Meishan Aluminum Development Zone Managerment Committee
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          • Main Products:
          • aluminum deep processing products
          • Address:
          • Xiuwen town, Meishan city,Sichuan province
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          • 620041
          • Contact Person:
          • Deng Shi Hu
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          • Mobile Phone:
          • 13890378188
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          • 028-38569766
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          • 028-38569866
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